Thursday, December 10, 2009

25 Days of Ornaments Dec. 10

Mama Bear is hosting a blog carnival this month that gives everyone an opportunity to share special ornaments and memories. This week features homemade ornaments, which probably makes up 50% of our ornaments.
I tried to find this ornament on our tree so I could take a nicer picture of it, but either it is hidden because it is so tiny (1/2 the height of our trim board in the living room) or it didn't make the tree this year (it isn't breakable, but maybe I had a reason at the time).
This was not originally an ornament, but a gift from a little girl when I was on a missions trip in Japan (remember Mitt?). It was one of many I was given, but it was just the right size to thread a ornament hook through.

I'm cheating and doing two today. These guys were not even thought of when I took all of my pictures for this project. We made them in preschool this week. Snug painted his and I did the snowman to put their Christmas picture in. Thought you'd like to see!


Cop Mama said...

Love the little origami crane! What a special memory! Kinda cool, I feel like I'm getting to know about your life through your ornaments!

Oh, and of course any ornament containing pics of your kids is a keepsake!

Cop Mama said...

Too funny, I just realized I used an exclamation point after every sentence!!!!!!! :-)

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I love the boys' Christmas picture! And Cop Mama isn't the only one who likes exclamation points! I like them too! ;-)!

MamaBear said...

I'm really starting to think that picture ornaments are the way to go. I might have to do one every year - look how CUTE yours are!

Jenilee said...

what a great ornament with a wonderful memory! we made a picture ornament of my girls this year. It is fun for them to see themselves on the tree!

Amanda said...

I love that last picture...the way its backlit... and those cute faces!


Colleen said...

I love an ornament that isn't "really" an ornament!