Thursday, December 10, 2009

What a Surprise!

Imagine my surprise this morning when I logged on to check if MckLinky was working over in bear country so I could link yesterday's post to Dec 9 ornaments, only to see that an article I wrote last month for "The Cloth Diaper Whisperer" was published today! *that link is to the blog in general, scroll down for actual entry link*

WOW. Last time I wrote for them, we had e-mailed back and forth several times doing editing and such, but this time WHAM (no, not Work At Home Mom, just, like, SMACK) there it was at the top of my blog role!

Now, again as I link you to it, know that the words are not all 100% my own. They tweek some things because as many of you know I have never used the term "sweet smirk" in my entire life. BUT STILL, I was excited. They are a HUGE blog and literally thousands of people today will read about how #1 responded to cloth diapering. I think he responded pretty much how any daddy would. And yes, he read, edited, gave his side of the story, and approved my version and all pictures before I submitted them-I would never publish an article on him without asking. Enjoy!


The Kampers said...

way to go! Nice work!

MelArcile said...

Congratulations! Nice article.
Oh, Jeremy got next weekend (family Christmas) off, so he's going to be there too! So excited to see you and the boys (and Nate and Danielle too)

CFMama said...

What a cool dude! Aren't cloth diapering dads the greatest? I became even more attracted to Jay when i saw him scraping poop into the toilet. LOL

Kim M said...

Great article and sweet pictures. Maybe you should start the *sweet smirk* phrase, sorta fits you! Thanks for sharing

Cop Mama said...

That is an awesome article. Well written and very interesting. Hey, does your little guy have a blankie too? Sprout has one he won't part with. It's really his old crib sheet.