Friday, December 4, 2009

Today is THE day

Today at approximately 9:00am (8:45 is the appointment, but I'll give them a little slack time) we will find out if this little cutie is a boy or a girl. The poll at the top of my blog says "girl" by a landslide, but we'll soon know for sure!
In other news (I'm not sure how there even CAN be other news on such an exciting day as this!) a certain year and a half (almost) year old is in a cute kid contest over at i am mommy. You could just click on over there and check it out for yourself...he's #15. But all of the kids are cute, so feel free to vote for them too. Except I'm pretty sure you can only vote one time. So probably you want to vote for the baby formally known as Baby J. I'm not even sure what he will win actually...just knew everyone would like to see ONE CUTE KID!
Oh, I will post my 25 Days of Ornaments AND the answer we have all I have been waiting anxiously for later today.


Amanda said...

Cant wait to find out the big reveal... and can I just tell you, I love that your blog is snowing? :)


Megan said...

I can't wait to find out!!!!

Cop Mama said...

Yeh!!! I got goose bumps remembering my ultrasound reveal days. So exciting, you gotta do an updated post later today!

Oh, and I'll go vote NOW :-)

Kim M said...

I voted!